Here is our “live” page. Here you can watch our services live even if you can’t make it to our services, you can still see and experience Shiloh Ministries! Even when we are not live you can still see our archived services in video! Enjoy!

We are pleased to announce you can now subscribe to our video channel below and watch past services as they will be updated weekly! Just click on the service you would like to view and click play. You can also make the service full screen by clicking on the screen maximizer in the bottom right corner of the video!

We are constantly making things better and changing, and just recently archives will no longer be added to Vimeo below, but you can still watch up to that date. They are now going to be archived under the “Sermon Archives” so you get the scalable, HD version. This is needed for us to provide it also in iTunes, Roku, and other outlets.

Our video player is optimized for all mobile devices. Tablets and phones on iOS or Android.
Handout for the “Battle Plan Against the Enemy” HERE